Junior Science Club

The Junior Science Club meets on Wednesday afternoons at 3.45pm and is attended by pupils in years 8 and 9. The pupils are given an opportunity to meet, and make friends with children in other classes and other year groups, and they show a great deal of interest and enthusiasm in the varied activities. The pupils carry out a wide range of ‘fun’ experiments which have included making slime, growing crystals, making perfumed and coloured soap, designing the strongest bridge, plaster-casting, growing colonies of bacteria from different locations in school and constructing the strongest electromagnet. Small projects have also been undertaken in which coca-cola and indigestion remedies have been investigated with some surprising outcomes! These activities have not only promoted the enjoyment of science by the children, but have also allowed them to develop their practical skills and improve their scientific knowledge. Some of the pupils have also attended external scientific exhibitions and demonstrations, and in June this year a group of four junior pupils were placed second in the Salters’ Chemistry Challenge held at Queen’s University.

We are very grateful to a number of senior pupils who have volunteered to help with the smooth-running of the club and assist the younger pupils with their experiments. Thankfully, they also help to tidy up afterwards as well!