FairTrade Club

Fairtrade Fun in BHS!

Members of our Fairtrade Committee have been busy this year in their efforts to raise awareness of Fairtrade and its benefits. All members have worked towards continuing our ‘Fairtrade School’ certification. Becoming a Fairtrade School means joining a worldwide movement – a movement where young people learn that, whatever their age, they have the power to make a difference in the world. It has offered a great opportunity to look at global issues such as where our food comes from and how we are connected to people around the world.

Ten Fairtrade footballs were donated to the PE department as a result of fundraising last year. Also, awareness of Fairtrade spices was raised by selling home baked gingerbread men at the BHS Christmas Fayre. As a result, £64 was donated to Fairtrade projects.

This year’s Fairtrade Fortnight focus was on an always popular topic; chocolate. Committee members designed a lesson on Cocoa Farming for Year 8 LLW classes to help them understand where their favourite food comes from. Also, Year 10 pupils completed a UK wide survey on their shopping habits and attitudes towards Fairtrade products.

The committee is looking forward to next year and is happy to welcome any new members!

Mr Spratt & Mrs McCluney