Scripture Union

Scripture Union is really popular in Ballyclare High with a Junior SU (Years 8-10) and a Senior SU (Years 11-14) meeting every week. We always start the year with a big BBQ for everyone which is a lot of fun and a great chance for our new pupils to get involved. The weekly meetings are at lunch time and senior pupils can also be part of small groups which meet within SU and provide a chance to get to know people from different year groups better. Sometimes we host Prayer Breakfasts with staff as well. Every year we organise some big events such as band nights, movie nights, a prayer room and lots of special guests including local sporting stars. We have close links with Scripture Union NI and our aim to provide a place where pupils can come and learn more about the Bible and make new friends.

Junior SU

What is it?

Junior SU is part of the Scripture Union in Ballyclare High School. We are a Christian organisation which aims to support and equip young people in their Christian faith and have an impact in their school.

Who is it for?

Junior SU is open to everyone in Years 8, 9 and 10 at Ballyclare High School.

When do you meet?

We meet once a week at lunch time; everyone brings their packed lunch and eats together – the more the merrier! We have been known to find over 50 pupils squeezed into a crowded room for fun and fellowship at Junior SU.

What happens?

Throughout the year we have a packed programme of talks, games, quizzes and activities all with a focus on learning from the Bible. Pupils are encouraged to learn how to read the Bible, pray, share their faith and encourage one another in a loving, safe environment.

Each year we have a Junior SU weekend where we travel a venue such as the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum and stay for a mixture of outdoor activities and Bible study. These are highly enjoyable weekends where friendships are made across the year groups.

Senior SU

Senior Scripture Union is for pupils in Years 11-14 and meets at lunchtime every week. It is co-ordinated by an elected S.U. Committee consisting of pupils from each year group who meet regularly with teachers to plan the programme for the meetings.

A typical S.U. meeting would have some music, prayer time, a visiting speaking or a chance to meet in small groups. There is also opportunity for pupils to meet with others in their year group for bible studies and prayer throughout the week which creates more time for fellowship and support.

Senior S.U. host a number of social and outreach events during the year catering for all interests; from pamper nights and pizza parties through to sports events and open mic nights. The highlight of the year is the weekend away that usually happens in the spring term.