Ballyclare High School is a co-educational grammar school of approximately 1210 pupils. The School’s admissions number for Year 8 is 186 and the overall enrolment number approved by the Department of Education is 1210.A broad curriculum is followed by pupils from Year 8 through to GCSE level. On entering the School pupils are grouped, where possible, with others whom they know to ensure a smooth transition from Primary to Post Primary schooling. For most subjects in years 8 to 10 the Year Group is divided into 6 classes, normally of mixed ability. For practical subjects the Year Group is divided into 8 or 9 smaller classes. All courses are open equally to girls and boys.

At Key Stage 3 (i.e. during Years 8 to 10) all pupils will study the following subjects. English, mathematics, history, geography, home economics, French, Spanish, German, science, learning for life and work, technology, information technology, art, music, drama, physical education and religious studies. In Year 10 Spanish may be taken as an alternative to German or French.

At Key Stage 4 (i.e. during Years 11 and 12) contributory subjects are taken within the specified Areas of Study. Twenty five subjects are offered and taught at GCSE level. At the end of Key Stage 4 most pupils will take GCSE examinations at the highest level in 8 to 10 subjects.

Throughout Key Stages 3 and 4 (Years 8 to 12) there are classes for religious education, physical education, games and learning for life and work, which includes careers education, drugs education and sex education.

Those pupils entering the sixth form (Years 13 and 14) will normally study 4 subjects at GCE Advanced Subsidiary level in Year 13 and 3 subjects at GCE Advanced level in Year 14 complemented by more general enrichment subjects, many of which are externally validated. Additional recreational opportunities are now provided for sixth formers as well as the normal range of games and sports. Twenty five courses are offered and taught at GCE Advanced level. Further information on school policies, academic successes and extra-curricular activities are obtainable from the school.