Nutrition and Food Science A level

The AS course provides the foundation of knowledge, understanding and skills which enables progression to the A2 course.


AS requires the study of:



The A2 Food Safety and Quality unit requires the study of securing a safe food supply from primary producer to the consumer and includes:


contamination of foods



Examining Board: CCEA


AS Units (40% of A level)

GCE Nutrition and Food Science is comprised of 4 units.


  1. Principles of Nutrition (50% of AS)
  2. Diet, Lifestyle and Health (50% of AS)


A2 Units (60% of A level)

  1. Food Safety and Quality (30% of A level)
  2. Research Project

(accounts for 30% of A level and requires students to submit a 4000 word research-based



Teaching Methods

Nutrition and Food Science provides opportunities for the application of knowledge and understanding through a range of practical and theoretical contexts. AS and A2 Nutrition and Food Science are taught using a full range of teaching and learning strategies including group work, discussion, practical and independent research activities. TV, DVD, Smart Board and computers are used extensively to enhance learning. External visitors e.g. Environmental Health Practitioners offer their expertise for the benefit of the pupils. Pupils this year attended the N I Food and Drink Show and we are hoping to include some further educational visits as this new course develops.


Assessment Methods

Pupils are assessed internally by means of end of topic tests, mock examinations, practice essays and presentations of work to their peers. Externally, there are two modular exam papers at AS and a further examination paper at A2, along with a coursework assignment worth 30% of their A level.