Home Economics KS3 – Year 10

Year 10 – Home Economics – Learning Intentions.

Unit 1

Food Around the World

( 4 weeks)


The influence of other countries on food choice in the UK.

Dishes which originate from all over the world

The culture and eating habits associated with other countries. –



Mexican Quesadillas (an example of a Mexican dish)

How to chop ingreds correctly – highlight problems.

Revision of using the hob safely

How to dry fry


Food From Around the World

To extract relevant info and complete leaflet

To make decisions for final dish


Food From Around the World Practicals

Prepare authentic dishes from their chosen country. (Marked Assessment Task 1)

Submit leaflet on chosen country. (Marked Assessment Task 2)



Unit 2

Food Safety (8 weeks)

Importance of Food Safety – Introd – DVD(Loughrey College)

Food Poisoning

Recent outbreaks (Flicks restaurant – Belfast)





Philadelphia Plait

Handling pastry

Identifying possible ways of cross contamination

Serving suggestions of Philadelphia Plait



Bacteria ( Factors affecting growth)

Binary fission

The danger zone

High risk foods

The 4 Cs

Contamination and Prevention of illness

How contamination occurs / vehicles
Gingered Pork
Influence of foreign countries on food choice

How to prepare garlic and ginger

Using woks

Use of high risk ingredients


Cooking and Temperature Control

Precautions when cooking/cooling/thawing/reheating and keeping food warm
Using the BBQ

Chilling and storage

Online Delivery.

Main storage areas and rules

Stock rotation and Refrigeration – Labelling

Lemon Chilled Flan
Action of acid on cream

Adaptation to reduce fat and sugar

Correct storage and handling of chilled products



The importance of Personal Hygiene

The importance of Cleaning and Disinfection and how to go about it

Aims of cleaning / chemicals / what to disinfect


Sausage Rolls
Handling pastry

Handling High risk foods



Unit 3

Budgeting  (5 weeks)

NB This unit will overlap between terms 1 and 2.

Week 1

Why is it necessary to budget?

Different types of budget

How to prioritise money

Essential and non-essential spending



Christmas Cookery- Snowballs


Budgeting – Week 2

Identifying priorities

Consequences of debt

What bills need to be paid and how often?

Saving money around the home/ Making money go further

Assessment – 25% of Christmas report.  MAT 3.

Budgeting -Week 3.

Methods of payment for goods and services
Brief comparisons of payment methods
Understanding cheques and bank cards
Using an ATM /cashpoint machine

Chicken Curry
Careers in Home Economics

Careers Lesson – Pupils will be informed about careers related to studying GCSE Home Economics and Child Development and Job opportunities within N Ireland.



Unit 4 – Fat and CHD (5 weeks)

Spaghetti Bolognaise

(a low fat recipe adaption)


Fats and Health

What is fat?

Functions and composition of fat

What is Cholesterol and its effects on health?

Hydrogenated fat

How fat intake can be reduced

To use ‘The Foods You Eat’ app/Explore food website tool to analyse the total fat content and different fat types in their Spaghetti Bolognese and Sweet and Sour recipes.



Sweet and Sour Chicken / Pork
(Another example of a low fat dish)


Coronary Heart Disease
Risk factors for heart disease

How it occurs

Relation to diet /dietary implications

How to lower risks

Soluble fibre / oily fish ( omega 3) / ACE vitamins (antioxidants)

Tuna, Pasta and Sweetcorn Bake
(using oily fish)

Roux sauce making

Use of blender to make breadcrumbs



Unit 5

Rationing  –  (2 weeks)
(Home Economics / History Connected learning activity)

What is rationing?

Why it was necessary

How long it lasted and which foods were involved

How the health of the nation was improved.

Homework activity – MAT 4

Working in pairs pupils will produce a dish representative of Wartime Britain – Mini Toad in the Hole

Unit 6

Housing  (9 weeks)

Factors affecting choice of accomodation

Main types of accommodation –advantages / disadvantages of each



How to make scones

Revision of ‘rubbing in’


Buying a House or Flat

Where to look?

Making an Offer

Borrowing the money

Mortgages – types – Repayment /Endowment.

House prices – locally / nationally
Lemon Cupcakes
Cake making / creaming fat and sugar


Renting A Property
Advantages vs disadvantages (Buying vs Renting)

Reasons for renting -Examples of adverts

Rights and responsibilities of landlord and tenants –  Tips

Introduce coursework activity Assessment – 40% of Summer report (MAT 5)


Assessed practical exam – Savoury Pasties (20% Summer Report – MAT 6)


Unit 7

Chicken Fried Rice

(influence of another culture on food choice)


Advertising food to children

What makes a good advert

What makes an advert memorable

Does music/comedy/celebrities help sell?

What marketing strategies are used by companies to target children?


Chocolate Cake
Food for celebration!