Year 10



Year 10


This is a very important year in which pupils begin to cover the work required for the GCSE Mathematics course. In addition, during terms 1 and 2 pupils are gathering information regarding their GCSE subject choices. While all pupils will study GCSE mathematics, the option of choosing Further Mathematics as another GCSE must be considered. Guidance regarding this choice will be given during maths lessons.

Topics Studied and Assessments:

Unit 1: Straight Line Graphs

Unit 2: Simultaneous Equations

Unit 3: Sequences

Unit 4: Area and Volume

Unit 5: Indices and Standard Form

January Examination

Unit 6: Algebra

Unit 7: Bearings

Unit 8: Statistics

Unit 9: Graphs

Unit 10: Enlargement and Similarity

Unit 11: Angles

Unit 12: Percentages

Summer Examination

Unit 13: Trigonometry