Support with Learning

Support with Learning

Mathematics is a subject set firmly in the context of solving problems and probing for greater insight and discovery when curiosity is stimulated. Hence, it is very common to make mistakes and experience difficulties; but this makes mathematics all the richer in opportunities for learners to grow and develop higher order thinking skills. In the context of a positive learning environment, pupils can begin to take risks, explore new ideas and see mistakes as opportunities rather than blockades!

It is common to need some extra support at times, whether this involves a pupil asking their maths teacher for some additional help and guidance in class, working with other pupils to overcome difficulties or making use of some extra resources available in school. Each of these is strongly encouraged.

AIM Club – Achieve In Maths

This is an opportunity for any pupil in Years 8 to 10 to come along after school and receive some extra help with their work in maths. A team of sixth form mentors are on hand to work with pupils in a small group or on a one-to-one basis, under the supervision of a maths teacher. Pupils are welcome to drop in

This is a great opportunity and any pupil who wants to make good progress in mathematics is strongly encouraged to attend AIM Club whenever they can.

AIM Club runs on Tuesday and Thursdays 3:45 to 4:30pm in Room 121.


Revision Tips

Preparation for Class Tests and Examinations

Maths is best learned by doing! Therefore, any time devoted to preparing for tests and examinations is best spent doing questions.

Prior to all school exams the Maths Department will provide a revision list and some additional resources for revision purposes, via Google Classroom. Pupils find these materials to be a useful way of organising their revision and preparing them for their maths exam. This will certainly provide all pupils with plenty of questions to be working on.

Some tips for pupils to help with revision:

Always remember, all the best mathematicians experience difficulties at times.

That’s how we grow!