Exam board: CCEA

This specification encourages students to be inspired, motivated and challenged by following a broad, coherent, practical, satisfying and worthwhile course of study. It encourages them to develop their curiosity about the living world and provides insight into and experience of how science works. It enables students to engage with biology in their everyday lives and to make informed choices both about further study in biology related disciplines and about their careers.

This specification aims to enable students to:


Course Outline




This course prepares students for the study of biology and related courses at GCE Advanced Level and Advanced Subsidiary. It also helps them to develop transferable skills that will benefit them in vocational training and employment.

For those progressing directly into employment, a GCSE in biology is relevant not only to the fields of science and medicine, but also to areas of commerce and public service that value problem-solving and practical skills.

As one of the most popular GCSE subject choices, on average 50% of our pupils continue to study biology to A level.


Revision Material

We would encourage pupils to make extensive use of past papers as part of their independent study routine. These can be accessed at: 


Pupils should also print a copy of the specification to help them with their revision. This can be accessed at:


There is a revision guide that accompanies the course, which may be purchased either online or in local book shops.