Online Safety for Pupils

Online Safety – Keeping You Safe Online


Technology has changed the way we live our lives and offers us incredible opportunities to connect, collaborate and get creative!

It is also important to recognise that we expose ourselves to risks in some online spaces that we wouldn’t necessarily encounter in the real world.

The internet was originally designed as an adult space and there most apps have safety and privacy settings to help protect you. Our Digital Leaders created the Prezi below to show you how to enable these safety settings on some of the most popular apps.





You may have also been taken through the presentation below during Life Skills.



The earlier you seek help with a problem online, the quicker we can work together to help make things better. Your teachers are trained in dealing with online issues and can provide the support and guidance needed to help you make the right choices online.


Remember – think SMART!

S – Safety settings should be set to protect your content from people you don’t know.

M – Meeting people that you’ve met online is risky. Always tell an adult you trust.

A – Appropriate use of technology…you can find your Acceptable Use Agreement in your planner.

R – Respect others and use technology responsibly.

T – TELL an adult you trust if anything you have seen online has upset you or made you feel uncomfortable.


If you have any questions about staying safe online, please speak to Mrs Hill, our Online Safety Coordinator. Remember – if you ever feel threatened or scared as a result of something you have seen, read or watched online; tell an adult that you trust! You can also report an incident directly to Mrs Hill using StepUP.