GCSE – Computer Science

Examination Board: OCR

Course Outline:

GCSE Computer Science is a more challenging alternative to studying IT. The subject uses similar skills to Maths and is open to pupils who enjoy thinking logically or have demonstrated an aptitude towards programming in the past.


Pupils will be able to develop complex programming skills and code their own solution to a problem. Although challenging, this course will enable pupils to aspire to become the core people who create programs rather than those using standard packages created by others.





Course ContentAssessment
Unit 1: Computer SystemsThis unit will cover the following:


• Systems Architecture

• Memory

• Storage

• Wired and wireless networks

• Network topologies, protocols

and layers

• System security

· System software

· Ethical, legal, cultural and

environmental concerns


1 hour and 30 minutes – External written exam



Unit 2: Computational Thinking, Algorithms and programmingThis unit will cover the following:


• Algorithms

• Programming techniques

• Producing robust programs

• Computational logic

• Translators and facilities of


· Data representation



1 hour and 30 minutes – External written exam



Unit 3: Programming ProjectThis unit will cover the following:

20 hours of controlled assessment which will help to prepare pupils for the Unit 2 exam.

Working independently students demonstrate their ability to code a solution to a given problem following a task brief from OCR. Students will also be expected to produce a word-processed report detailing the creation of their solution, explaining what they did and why they did it.




OCR will provide a new scenario each year and this will be accessible to the teacher who will release it to the pupils.