IT and Computer Science



We aim to provide 21st century learners with necessary skills for work, leisure and further learning. Our students are encouraged to creatively use digital online technologies to acquire knowledge, practise skills and develop competencies by learning with, through and about the use of IT.

Significant investment has provided the school with superb IT resources which are used to good effect by staff and students to promote independent learning. We inspire and train our teachers to use IT as a vehicle to effectively support active learning strategies, accommodating the different ways in which students make discoveries. Through many awards, such as Best Whole School, IT Specialist School, IT Mark, National Training Awards and 3rd Millennium Award, we are proud to be recognised as a centre of IT excellence within a UK context.

Cross curricular IT is integrated within classroom experiences across all subject areas. The delivery and assessment of IT is supported by specialist classes and off time-table days. These events provide students with opportunities to work in groups on extended projects. As a discrete subject we offer options at GCSE and GCE including IT and Computer Science.