Chemistry Vision Statement

As a department we strive to help each pupil achieve his/her potential and endorse the school values listed below as the foundation stones on which we depend for the future sense of purpose and direction for our it’s pupils and teachers:


Success, Ambition, Industry: We want our pupils to be motivated to achieve, to have high aspirations, to give of their best and to remain focused on their studies. Pupils are supported in their learning where they have difficulty, so that they will maintain their efforts and continue to be positive and hardworking, even when they find it difficult to attain good outcomes.


Respect, Tolerance, Integrity, Loyalty:: Pupils are encouraged to be respectful to each other, to their teachers and to the school environment. Equally, teachers are expected to show respect for their pupils. Debate and discussion are encouraged at appropriate times and pupils are free to express their views, however strongly felt, in an appropriate manner. Pupils and staff are expected to put the school first: they must remain loyal to the commitment they have made.


Caring, Openness, Fairness: This is a caring environment in which pupils contribute to discussions about their progress and attainment targets. Everyone is encouraged to ensure that they are fair to others in all their dealings with them. We should treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.


Perseverance, Independence, Discipline: Pupils are encouraged to persevere through difficulties that may arise to pursue their goals and meet their targets regardless of the circumstances that may constrain them. Staff will encourage them not to give up and will support them in all circumstances. Pupils are expected to work towards becoming more and more independent. They must therefore have a strong sense of responsibility and be self-motivated.


As a department we aim to: