GCSE Business Studies

The pupils will study Eduqas business specification.  This course is made up of two written examination papers, completed at the end of Year 12.

“The Eduqas Business GCSE introduces learners to the business world, empowering them to develop as commercially minded and enterprising individuals.”

This specification allows learners to develop a wide range of skills, allowing them to develop structured arguments to justify their answers.


Students learn how businesses work through study of the following topics:

Year 11

Year 12



Examining Board: Eduqas


The assessment components which make up the GCSE course are:


Component 1 – Business Dynamics:

External written exam

Time: 2 hours

Format: A mix of short answer and structured questions based on stimulus material covering all of the specification content

Weighting: 62.5% of qualification


Component 2 – Business Considerations:

External written exam

Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Format: Data response questions covering all of the specification content

Weighting: 37.5% of qualification


Teaching Methods

Business Studies is a dynamic subject and, where possible, students will be involved in activities through which they can experience the decision-making processing faced by those involved in the real world of business. Therefore, where appropriate, the following teaching methods are used: case studies, guest speakers, investigations, presentations, simulations, group work, discussion and whole class teaching.