GCSE Business Studies

The pupils will study the CCEA business studies specification.  This course is made up of two written examination papers (80%) and controlled assessment (20%).

There is one controlled assessment task set by CCEA and it is completed in school during class time.  This task will also require independent research to be carried out at home as part of their assessment.

Students learn how businesses work through study of the following topics:

Year 11

Year 12



Examining Board: CCEA


The assessment components which make up the GCSE course are:


Unit 1:   

External written exam

Time:    1 hour 20 mins

Format:   Structured questions

Weighting:  40%


Unit 2:   

External written exam

Time:  1 hour 40 mins

Format:  Three structured   questions with increasing difficulty.

Weighting: 40%


Controlled Assessment:

Format: Candidates complete one task from a range of tasks released in September each year.

Synoptic: (from across the whole course)

Weighting: 20%


Teaching Methods

Business Studies is a dynamic subject and, where possible, students will be involved in activities through which they can experience the decision-making processing faced by those involved in the real world of business. Therefore, where appropriate, the following teaching methods are used: case studies, guest speakers, investigations, presentations, simulations, group work, discussion and whole class teaching.