Language Leaders Award Scheme

Language Leaders Award Scheme


At Ballyclare High School, we currently offer pupils in Year 10 the opportunity to participate in the Language Leaders Award Scheme. The award aims to teach young people how to lead others through basic languages activities (for example teaching the colours or days of the week) by working to develop their communication, organisation and motivational skills.

The programme involves students developing their planning, teaching and analysis skills and involves several visits to a local primary school to teach languages. Participants study different aspects of communication and leadership, alongside developing the necessary skills to plan and deliver successful lessons in modern languages to younger pupils. They also research cultural identity in the country of their chosen language and have the opportunity to impart some of this knowledge during their lessons.

This year, 25 Year 10 pupils successfully completed the Award. Lessons delivered in primary schools were fun, engaging and interactive. Feedback from primary pupils and teachers was very positive and the experience left all of our leaders wanting to teach more. Our Leaders also worked tirelessly to plan interactive activities for pupils to take part in during our annual Open Evening.

Next year, we are further developing our Language Leaders Award scheme. We will introduce the Award to Sixth Form pupils and it will be offered as part of our weekly Sixth Form enrichment programme. Year 13 pupils will study the course and prepare a wide range of resources focusing on vocabulary and culture. Once in Year 14, the pupils will then visit local primary schools each week to deliver their planned lessons to younger pupils of different ages.



Language Leaders Lauren Fleming & Olivia Gormley, year 10, delivering one of their excellent lessons to P5 pupils at Fairview Primary School