English Reading Lists

Getting a child into the habit of reading every day should not just be about making sure they turn the pages and finish the book. In our department we firmly believe that reading every day provides our children with an opportunity to discover adventures, ideas and answers. Books can open doors through their imagination where they can find out more about themselves and the world around them.

We provide access to a kindle account for all our pupils in year 8 to help support this. The account has a range of fiction titles to engage our young readers and help them build a habit to last a lifetime. Many of our pupils access these titles through a kindle reader or app on any mobile device and the video gives a sense of the impact it has already had in establishing a reading culture in our school.

We also have reading list challenges for students at GCSE and A Level. These are based on encouraging pupils to go beyond the set text list and broaden their experience of literature. The lists provided will allow for threads of reading to be developed by author, genre or historical period. See how many you can read!

Please click here for the Reading challenges book lists