AQE Transfer

In the last number of years, Ballyclare High School has accommodated 300 pupils for the AQE examinations. A Familiarisation day has been held prior to the examinations, allowing the pupils to see the classroom where they will sit the test and meet school staff and the Examination Invigilator.  Each classroom will have approximately 20 pupils and will be arranged in such a way that there will be some students from their own school. A practice paper is completed on this morning, enabling pupils to familiarise themselves with filling in their examination details etc.

We have found that this system has worked very well in the past six years and we have received very positive feed back from both parents and feeder Primary Schools. A letter from Dr Rainey will be sent out to all pupils giving further details about the Examination dates.  Further information for the AQE Transfer can be found on the AQE web site: