The aims of the PTAFA are to promote partnership between the school and parents, to engage in activities which promote a community atmosphere as well as fundraising. We are all aware that every school is underfunded, meaning the money raised by the PTAFA is vital to help ensure that Ballyclare High continues to provide our children with the best possible facilities and opportunities.


Joining the PTAFA or supporting associated events is a great way of meeting people, having fun and at the same time helping the school and ultimately the pupils. We hold around 6 meetings per year during term-time at the school and everyone interested is very welcome to come along and get involved, even if only to a small degree. We are keen to establish a group of volunteers who can support one off events such as a year group activity or by offering feedback in the form of parental voice.


For more information as to how you could support the PTAFA or be part of a group of volunteers, please email Your support would be welcome.