Girls Rugby




This year I was excited to start girls’ rugby which is now open to Year 9 to Year 14. Each week we were taught skills, team work and match play. We were greatly encouraged by all the coaches every week in playing a sport we love and enjoy. On February 2nd, I was part of one of the teams that travelled to the Valley Leisure Centre for a tournament with around 10 other schools. This was great fun and a tremendous experience for us all. Rugby on a Friday afternoon is a time many of us look forward to! I would like to sincerely thank everyone who gives their time to coach us.

Grace McAllister, Year 9



I started going to girls’ rugby after Christmas of 5th year and really enjoyed it. Last year (Lower 6th for me) there were not many girls involved but I became good friends with them and felt like part of the team. We did very well in the tournament too, coming 3rd. This year lots of girls have joined and all the girls are competitive and want to do really well, which is great. With training on a Friday afternoon, it was something that I looked forward to all week. I was extremely disappointed that the tournament was cancelled this year as the team was looking very promising but I’m incredibly grateful for the friends and memories I’ve made (not to mention that it kept me fit). I have every intention of joining a rugby team if I go to university next year.

Rachel Currie, Year 14



This year, there were at least 20 girls out on the pitch every Friday afternoon. Everyone was enthusiastic about playing and had great fun every week. Some of the new players and younger players got a chance to play in the tournament held at the Valley Leisure Centre.  Both our teams went wanting to do very well and to try to win as many matches as they could. Each team played 5 matches, and both teams won all of their matches which was an amazing result, with an exceptional win of 9-0 from one of the teams. All the girls played brilliantly and gained experience throughout the tournament. The team was looking exceptionally good this year, and everyone was excited for the “Big Tournament” in March, which unfortunately had to be cancelled. But we can only hope that next year we can train hard and do really well. As a team we would like to thank Matthew Coulter, Mr McKeever and Mr McIlwaine for coming out each week and making each session good fun for everyone as well as teaching us new skills for our match play. All the girls are excited for next year and can’t wait to get back to it!

Katie McCullough, Year 13