Girls Rugby


Rugby Tournament – Senior Girls

Enniskillen 2s. Score 4-1 (won)

Our first match of the day was against Enniskillen 2s and we started of strong with Katie McCullough getting the ball out the left after a few fast passes from Anna O’Hara, Leah Young and Olivia Charlton. Katie gets the ball and does a brilliant run up the pitch, avoiding all the opposition players and getting us our first try of the day. Our defence is very strong as Chloe Frizzell makes consecutive tags and we got a turn-over ball. We didn’t waste the opportunity as Kaitlyn Meredith runs fast up the pitch, passing it to Leah Young who then scores another try. Unfortunately, Enniskillen then break through our line and get a try but our defence didn’t make it easy for them. We make more good fast passes out to the wing by Lydia Clements and Leah Young made a good run and offloads it to Lucy McCammond who makes the next score. Near there end of the match Katie McCullough moves the ball right to Rachel Currie who made a fantastic pass to Molly Scott who offloads it back to Katie McCullough who makes the last try of the match.


Dungannon. Score: 2-3 (lost)

Our second match was very tense, they started with the ball but we defended very well, getting 6 tags quickly and getting a turnover ball. We moved up the pitch quickly passing from Lucia Speier to Rachel Neil who passed to Jessica Hunter who ran up the right, offloaded it to Zoe Ferguson who made a great try. Next Dungannon made a break through the line and got a try. There was some lovely passing from Lucy McCammond to Olivia Charlton who was then tripped up, while she was falling she made a heroic pass to Leah Young who ran up the pitch, avoiding all opposition and made a fantastic try. They had the ball and we defended well, getting many tags but just before the last tag, Dungannon got another try. It was near the end of the match and we were tied, unfortunately in the last 30 seconds Dungannon got another try, meaning we lost.


Victoria. Score: 1-1 (won)

This was the last match of the groups and we started off well by getting a quick run up the middle of the pitch with passes from Sally Robinson to Lydia Clements and Molly Scott, unfortunately it was a turnover ball but we didn’t give up. We got the ball back and with some great running and passing from Rachel Currie and Kaitlyn Meredith the got the ball up the pitch, offloading to Anna O’Hara who got the first try of the match. We defended well with us being near the try line a few times but Victoria ran the ball up the pitch and a player managed to avoid a few players and they got the try. The game was close after that, with Chloe Frizzell making great tags and when it ended we were at a draw. As we had scored first, we were declared the winners!

Playoff between teams who came 2nd in their group- Wellington. Score: 2-2 (won)

This was our last match and we were determined to win. We started off with the ball and some great passes from Olivia Charlton to Leah young and Rachel Neil. Katie McCullough received the ball, making an incredible run up the pitch, breaking the line of the opposition and got the first try of the match. After this we fought just as hard but the team moved forward as one, passing wide but we defended well with the score being made despite our hardest efforts. Wellington scored again despite a player running off of the pitch slightly but we didn’t let it phase us. We came back and after great passing and running from Zoe Ferguson, Lucia Speier and Jessica Hunter who got it right up at the try line and Leah Young scored the try. Again it was a draw as another try that Katie McCullough got was not allowed due to an unknown reason but as we scored first we won! We came 3rd in the whole tournament and it was a day none of us are going to forget, especially all of the leavers.


Girls rugby breakfast awards🏆

Fun awards to thank a great squad who really enjoy their rugby. Always hard to select winners of awards but this was a “fun” awards and a great morning.

All girls also left with their own rugby ball 🍫🏉😁


Personality of the year 🏆Lydia & Chloe

Emerging talent 🏆Jess & Zoe

“Personal development” 🏅🦄Olivia

Top “taggers” 🦄 Anna & Kaytlin

Top scorer / danger player 🏉

Awesome award 👍🏻 Lucy

Players player 🏆Katie