A Level Technology

Course Content

This specification is designed to offer students opportunities to study, propose and realise prototype solutions closely linked to the real world of product manufacture in a range of material areas.

Candidates are encouraged to develop innovation, creativity and Technology and Design capability with a critical understanding of the influences of manufacturing processes in current practice. They will be required to apply essential knowledge, understanding and design skills to a range of technological activities.

The coursework has a strong practical bias, from the expression of ideas practically, to the making of three dimensional models and the production of a high quality product.




Examining Board – OCR AS


Unit 1       Advanced Innovation Challenge.

The task assesses the candidates’ ability to be innovative, demonstrate flair, work with materials and apply knowledge gained throughout their AS course. This requires candidates to work with materials in a supervised design workshop, and produce a workbook which is externally marked by OCR. This assessment is a 6 hour design and model assignment.

(40% AS, 20% A Level)


Unit 2      Product Study

This consists of product analysis and product development, prototype modelling and testing. Candidates select a single existing product where they can analyse its strengths and weaknesses with the aim of improving the product in some way. Coursework unit, internally marked, externally moderated by OCR. (60% AS, 30% A Level)




Unit 3      Design, Make and Evaluate


Candidates will be required to produce a coursework portfolio and product which fully demonstrates their designing, making and evaluation skills, using creativity, flair and innovation. The project chosen will allow in-depth study within the area of engineering and manufacturing. (30% of A Level)


Unit 4 Product Design 2


The subject content of this unit is focused towards products and applications, in respect of materials; manufacturing processes; industrial practices. The examination will focus on knowledge and understanding of engineering and manufacturing. A written paper of 2 1/2 Hours. (20% of A Level)