GCSE Technology

GCSE Technology builds on the experiences and skills gained during Year 8 -10, and links well with the design work carried out during Year 10. The subject offers students of both sexes a valuable, interesting and worthwhile experience. This specification provides an innovative and imaginative qualification, rewarding flair in design. It encourages students to recognise the contribution they can make to the environment through careful consideration and selection of sustainable resources.


Candidates will develop as effective and independent learners. They will actively be involved in making decisions, consider sustainability and combine skills with knowledge and understanding in order to design and make quality products. Technology calls for candidates to become creative problem solvers, as individuals and members of a team.


Course Content

Unit A511:

Unit A513:

Unit A515:



The Scheme of Assessment consists of two pieces of controlled assessment (60%), one in Year 11 and one in Year 12, and one terminal examination paper (40%).


The controlled assessment will be design based projects identified by the candidate, and will reflect syllabus content. The manufactured model or product will be accompanied by a portfolio which will include both written and graphical material detailing the design and development of the product.


The examination paper will test the candidate’s knowledge and understanding as applied in design contexts.