Hockey Past Pupils

The positive impact of school hockey leaves a lasting impression for many years with our pupils;


Lucy Camlin – Scottish Hockey

Zoe Wilson – Irish Hockey





When I think of my time playing hockey for Ballyclare High School I can’t help but smile. For I have realised that not only is this sports program responsible for many lasting friendships and fond memories, but, for me, it was also the start of a wonderful journey which has led to me having opportunities to play hockey all over the world. The  competitive training and supportive coaching I received here, along with the people who became my team mates, developed my love of the game to a point where I always wanted the sport to be a part of my life. And it still is today! Ballyclare High School hockey was the start of my sporting journey. I am eternally thankful that my time at Ballyclare High was filled with hockey.

Amy Cooke


My time as a member of Ballyclare High Hockey Club has played a huge part in who I am today. The memories created and the emotions shared with each and every member of the team provided me with a solid grounding for when I left school. They provided me with opportunities, challenges and friendships that I would not have gained if I had not taken up hockey. The club allowed me to fall in love with a sport that plays a continuously major role in my life and forever I will be thankful for this. 

Zoe Wilson


The commitment, time and effort of all the staff and coaches involved, allowed me to reach my potential and I am sure everyone who has passed through the club over the years will agree with me. The support of the coaches, no matter what stage you are at, is incredible, and such a credit to the school, for constantly providing opportunities for every pupil to play and fall in love with the sport.

Emma Patterson