AQE Transfer Test

Common Entrance Assessments by the Association for Quality Education


The Board of Governors of Ballyclare High School plans to use the AQE Common Entrance Assessment next year again as part of the admissions criteria for entry to Ballyclare High School for the academic year beginning September 2022.


Registration for the tests will open on 25th May 2021 and close 24th September 2021

with forms available from the AQE website (


We will accommodate 300 pupils to sit the tests at Ballyclare High School on

20th November,

27th November

4th    December, 2021.


Places at this centre will be allocated by AQE on a first come first served basis.


A familiarisation event will take place on the 13th November, 2021.


Due to the current situation, information that would have been discussed on our Information

Evening you will now find on our website in the Admissions area AQE information

for parents 2021-22 from June 4th, 2021.


A Familiarisation day has been held prior to the examinations, allowing the pupils to see the classroom where they will sit the test and meet school staff and the Examination Invigilator.  Each classroom will have approximately 20 pupils and will be arranged in such a way that there will be some students from their own school.

We have found that this system has worked very well in the past seven years and we have received very positive feedback from both parents and feeder Primary Schools.


Yours sincerely

Dr M Rainey