Criteria 2019

The school opens to parents and prospective new pupils in January each year. The Open Night date can be found in the school calendar for each academic year.

Parents  are advised to record the Age Standardised Score awarded by AQE in the Common   Entrance Assessments (CEA), together with the AQE Candidate Number, in   Section C of the Transfer Form and attach the statement of result.

Parents should note   that they will be required to produce documents verifying information   pertinent to the School’s Admissions Criteria after they have been notified   of the offer of a place at the school.
Parents/Carers who   wish to apply to the School under Special Circumstances or Special Provisions   should complete Form SC16 obtainable from the   School or from AQE and attach it with appropriate documentation described in   section 3.

Please click here for the admissions PDF 2018-2019