Pupils can choose to undertake CCEA GCSE Religious Studies Full Course or Short Course which builds on the foundations laid in KS3.

Pupils opting for the Full Course will study two modules:

Christianity through a study of Mark’s Gospel

This unit aims to introduce pupils to a number of themes in the life and ministry of Jesus, as portrayed in Mark’s Gospel.

  1. The Identity of Jesus
  2. Jesus the miracle worker
  3. The Kingdom of God
  4. The Death and Resurrection of Jesus
  1. The Role and nature of Christian Discipleship

 An introduction to Christian Ethics

This unit aims to introduce pupils to ethics within the study of religion.

How is GCSE Full Course Religious Studies assessed?

Both modules are completed at the end of Year 12. Each paper lasts 1hour 30 mins and is worth 50%

A Short Course, equivalent to half a GCSE, is offered to all pupils who do not choose RS as a full GCSE option. Those following Short Course GCSE will study: An Introduction to Christian Ethics

Pupils will look at a number of ethical and moral issues (see above) and analyse differing perspectives.

How is GCSE Short Course Religious Studies assessed?

The module in ethics is completed at the end of Year 12. The paper lasts 1hour 30 mins.

There is no controlled assessment or coursework in GCSE Religious Studies. 

The course is taught in a friendly, caring environment where pupils can develop sensitivity, thoughtfulness and respect. There is a wide variety of resources available to pupils and we seek to use a variety of active strategies to engage them and ensure that they are challenged to think more creatively. This is done through use of: