Religious Studies A-Level

Why study Religious Studies at A Level?

Religious Studies helps pupils to grasp the complexities of religious beliefs, practices and values. By studying RS at A Level, pupils will develop the ability to think creatively and evaluate and construct logical and convincing arguments.

Pupils who take Religious Studies at A Level will follow the CEA specification.

At AS Level we study, AS Unit 4: The Origins and Development of the Early Christian Church to AD 325 and AS Unit 7: Foundations of Ethics with Special Reference to Issues in Medical Ethics.

Overview of AS

Unit 4

Unit 7



AS Level

Two externally assessed written papers, 1 hour 20 minutes each.

Each paper is worth: 50% of AS

Both papers are worth 40% of the overall A Level.



At A2 Level we study, Unit A2 4: Themes in the Early Church and the Church Today and Unit A2 7: Global Ethics.


Unit 4



Unit 7



A2 Level

Two externally assessed written papers, 2 hours each.

Both papers comprise of the remaining 60% of A Level.



Pupils should make sure they keep up to date with current affairs and moral issues in the media.

They can also access revision videos on our RS Fronter site.

The CEA microsite is also useful for exam tips and access to past paper questions.

CEA Religious Studies Microsite