GCSE History

History is an exciting discipline that is about people and nations in times past. It involves looking at why wars begin and end, how leaders act in a variety of circumstances and what brings people into conflict with one another. We address questions of culture and identity in a variety of contexts and try to understand current events in the light of past experience. We encourage pupils to assess information critically. Central to everything we do is our aim of developing effective oral and written communication which is so

essential for the world of work. At GCSE level we study Germany 1918-39, Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland 1965-85, The Cold War 1945-91 and complete an investigative study.


Course Content






Examining Board:  CCEA



Germany 1918-39 and Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland 1965-85.

The paper includes short answer questions, source questions and questions requiring extended writing.



Students answer two questions. One question requires the use of source material. The other question requires extended writing.



This is a single internally assessed, externally moderated task.


Teaching Methods

We use whole class discussion, group work, interactive whiteboards, newspapers, DVDs and video material, written and graphical sources of information, photographs and pictures. The development of research skills using books and Internet-based materials is encouraged. History students are taught to structure essay answers and to analyse and evaluate a range of source material.  Examinations and homework are used for both formative and summative assessment and pupils are encouraged to learn from these experiences.