A-Level History

History at AS is about exploring the events and ideas which have shaped the modern world in the twentieth century, from Communist Russia on the left wing of the political spectrum to the Nazi dictatorship of the right in Germany. Three fascinating individuals, Lenin, Stalin and Hitler provide an intriguing study for the AS level History student.

At A2, in addition to studying the Clash of Ideologies in the twentieth century, we study Elizabeth I and late-Tudor England. This has proven to be one of the most popular topics across the year groups and provides a fascinating insight into leadership and effective management with timeless lessons for the modern world.

History is also about learning how to research these complex topics, how to analyse demanding source material and how to argue effectively, both on paper and orally. These skills are useful in all academic study and in almost any subsequent career.


Course Content

Examining Board: CCEA


AS 1: Germany 1919-45, Module 1 (AS) – 50% of AS, 20% of Advanced GCE, 1 hour 30m external exam paper (includes the use of sources)


AS 2: Russia 1914-1941, Module 2 (AS) – 50% of AS, 20% of Advanced GCE, 1 hour 30m external exam paper.


A2 1: Clash of Ideologies in Europe 1900-2000, Module 1 (A2), 20% of Advanced GCE, 1 hour external exam paper.


A2 2: England 1558-1603: (Elizabeth I), Module 2 (A2), 40% of Advanced GCE, 2 hour 30m external exam paper which includes the use of sources.


Teaching Methods

In A level History the teaching methods that are used include the following: