At GCSE level we use the CCEA examination board. The course aims to give pupils knowledge and understanding of developing and maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle, developing competence in different types of physical activity in different roles and contexts, selecting and applying tactics and strategies and analysing and evaluating physical performance.

  1. Theory of healthy lifestyles (40%)
  2. Lifestyle Profile – a 12 week fitness programme individually designed (20%)
  3. Skill Analysis – Skilled performance – identify one weakness in a skill and design a 6 week programme to improve on it (10%). Identify strength and weaknesses in another performer and work towards improving.
  4. Individual performance in 3 sports.
  5. In one of your chosen sports you may be an official / leader instead of a performer (30%)

Study Aids

GCSE Bitesize – http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/subjects/znyb4wx

CCEA GCSE PE by Derek Prentice

PE for CCEA GCSE Workbook