Money makes the world go round, or so the saying goes!


Everyone needs to be able to manage money, and those in business even more so. Every business should be underpinned by robust and accurate accounting – even the best idea will fail if it is not backed by sound financial management.


Is your business profitable?

How do you measure liquidity of a business?

Which is more important – profitability or liquidity?

How are financial statements collated?

How do we ensure accuracy of financial statements?

How can you raise money to finance your business idea?

Should you go into business yourself or as a partnership or form a limited company?

How will you decide if you should invest in new equipment – and what option to choose?

What will happen if suppliers charge you 10% more?



Accounting aims to answer these questions, and more.  At Ballyclare High School, our aim is to develop knowledge and equip you with the skills to use that knowledge in real life scenarios.  Financial acumen is vital to business success, whether you want to work in large established business, be the next Alan Sugar or set up your own small business.