History of the House System

The School House System


The School House system which originally comprised of three Houses:-

 1. Aikin

2. Brann

3. Dixon


In 1967 it was extended to four houses, with the addition of:-


4. Russell


 The Houses derive their names from eminent people in the community who have made an important contribution to Ballyclare High School.

Miss Aikin was the 1st Headteacher of the school which was originally known as Ballyclare Intermediate and Commercial School.  The school was developed from the amalgamation of the Miss Douglas Girls School and Miss Blair’s Preparatory School in 1918.  The school’s name was changed and the current name of Ballyclare High School was adopted officially in 1934. The Aikin house colour is Red.

Rev William Brann, Minister of 2nd Ballyeaston Presbyterian Church, was appointed Chairman of the first Board of Governors in that year.  The Brann House colour is Green.

Rt. Honourable Sir Thomas Dixon, His Majesty’s Lieutenant for the city of Belfast and a very prominent figure in Northern Ireland in the first half of the 20th Century was, with his wife deeply involved in charitable works and on more than one occasion donated sums of money to the school to be used for scholastic attainment. (The local park and Comrades Football ground are named after him). The Dixon House colour is Blue.

Mr R.E.Russell was Headmaster of the school from 1939 to 1966 and was keenly interested in the schools’ sporting activities. The Russell House colour is Yellow.

Tradition plays an important role in the House System and it does in those who attend this school. We ask on your entrance form to tell us what house any past or present members of school are in and we work to ensure that tradition follows on. Please do not worry if you cannot fill this in, all year 8 will be placed in a House by the end of the first week.

Throughout the year pupils have the opportunity to compete for your House in the various Inter-House sporting and Literacy competitions.