GCSE Art & Design at Ballyclare High School encourages an adventurous and enquiring approach to this subject. Along with the more traditional skills such as drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture, students will have the opportunity to experience computer-aided design, animation and video. The new GCSE subject criteria for Art require that not only practical artistic skills should be developed in any course of study, but also that the study of art and its various contexts should form part of the student’s education. Students will therefore be required to demonstrate an understanding of past and contemporary art and design practice and be able to produce a personal response that embraces a range of ideas.


Course Content

The Coursework

The coursework is what the students will do in class and at home over the duration of the two years and will be compiled in the form of sketchbooks. The work in the sketchbooks will record the development of skills and ideas leading to a conclusion. One of the conclusions must be 3D and the other 2D.


The Exam

The exam is identical in nature to a coursework project, except that it is externally set by the exam board. There is an unlimited preparation period and a 10 hour timed examination in which the student is required to make a piece of work, which is a conclusion to the exam project.



60% Coursework

Internally set / 2 projects – One conclusion must be 2D and the

other 3D. Assessment takes place during May/June of the second year.


40% Final Exam

Externally set. A timed examination lasting 10 hours (takes place March / April of the second year of the course). Assessment takes place during May/June of the second year.


Teaching Methods

Owing to the nature of the subject which requires each student to make an individual response to the creative problems they encounter, teaching will be mostly on a one-to-one basis. Students will therefore be expected to plan and manage their own work schedule in conjunction with their class teacher.