Students Cultivate Creativity with Microbits and Tamagotchi Design

By Ballyclare High School on 19 October, 2023

Digital Schoolhouse Workshop at Ballyclare High School: Students Cultivate Creativity with Microbits and Tamagotchi Design


Ballyclare High School recently hosted an engaging Digital Schoolhouse workshop in collaboration with Fairview Primary School, aiming to foster innovation and digital literacy among young minds. The workshop, led by Mr. Shaw and assisted by enthusiastic 6th Form pupils, focused on using Microbits to design personalised Tamagotchi pets.

In this interactive and educational session, students from both Ballyclare High School and Fairview Primary School delved into the world of digital technology and creativity. The Microbit, a versatile handheld microcontroller, served as a gateway to explore the principles of programming and design while nurturing their imaginations.

Under the guidance of Mr. Shaw, the participants embarked on a journey to create their very own digital pets, reminiscent of the beloved Tamagotchi from the ’90s. This unique twist allowed them to combine modern technology with nostalgia, engaging students on multiple levels.

The workshop not only equipped young minds with valuable coding skills but also encouraged teamwork and problem-solving. Each group worked together to program their Microbit-based Tamagotchis, ensuring they were well-fed, happy, and healthy. The integration of technology and virtual pet care brought a fresh perspective to the concept of hands-on learning.

Participants expressed their excitement about the workshop, highlighting the fun they had while learning. The interactive nature of the Microbits and the allure of the virtual pets captured their attention, making the learning experience both enjoyable and memorable.

Mr Shaw