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By Ballyclare High School on 4 December, 2018



Congratulations to Lucy McCalmont who has had her film review on ‘The Lost Boys’ featured on the Into Film website. She also receives a prize from Into Film and looks forward to receiving this shortly.

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Review of the week

This is absolutely amazing in every possible way!!

28 Oct 2018

Lucy, 14

Reviewing The Lost Boys

To begin, I’d like to start off by saying how this is my absolute favourite film of all time! I love the concept of vampires in Santa Carla going on hunts for blood to sustain themselves and recruiting people to join their “cult”. It’s a great starter horror film for anyone who’s just getting into the horror genre. I really love this movie because of how the whole plot folds out. I think there was great imagination that went into it and I like how they make you think a lot about what’s going on. Basically, the whole thing that’s going on is there’s a gang of vampires who we think is being led by the “head vampire” David who seems to be taking control over the whole situation and we meet 2 brothers Sam and Michael and Michael starts turning weird and having all the symptoms of a vampire. Eventually, it just turns into a whole fight to the death to expand the gang and get more people involved to have a massive vampire family. It’s a pretty crazy film but I love it so much.

I really enjoy the soundtrack with the songs “Cry Little Sister” by Gerard McMann and “Lost in the Shadows” by Lou Gramm. This body-gyrating rock soundtrack really sets the theme of the film and I love the songs so much that I have them all in my playlist and I listen to them regularly.

I really know that you would enjoy the film a lot! You definitely won’t regret investing time and money into purchasing this. It comes highly recommended on my list. Please do yourself a favour and watch it!!