Results Day

By Ballyclare High School on 16 August, 2018


99.9% of all the A level grades at Ballyclare High School this year are passes with only one fail grade registered across the entire year group. With 90% of these recorded as at least a C and over 70% at least a B, these results are outstanding and we are delighted with the achievements of our pupils. Equally pleasing as this all-round accomplishment is the retention of a sizeable 36% of entries recorded as A*/A grades and 90% of subjects can celebrate A*/C grades for over 80% of their pupils.

Dr Rainey, Principal, said “May I extend my sincerest congratulations to all our pupils, parents and staff who have worked so hard to secure the grades needed for university places and further education and employment. Not only am I delighted with their academic achievements but am privileged again to see another year group of fabulously articulate and socially accomplished young people step forward confidently to their next chapter in life.”