Past Pupil Success – Aaron Fleming

By Ballyclare High School on 12 April, 2021

In March 2020, when Covid-19 infection rates were rising dramatically in Europe, the number of infections in many low- and medium-income countries remained low. However, it was predicted that towards the summer these rates would start to increase. This was especially worrying due to the low number of ventilators available in the developing world.
In response a team at Cambridge University lead by Gonville and Caius College set out to produce a low-cost medical ventilator that could be used to save lives in low and middle-income countries such as those in Africa.. The aim was to develop a ventilator with a price that 1/10 what was currently available, which could be manufactured from readily available components and which could be manufactured in-country. The result was the first clinical grade ventilator to be manufactured in Africa.
Aaron Fleming – Final year medic @ Gonville and Caius – former pupil at Ballyclare High – was involved in the design and user interface at the Open Ventilator System Initiative.