By Ballyclare High School on 28 June, 2018


Just under 50 pupils read more than one million words this year.


Celebration of the success of our pupils participating in the Accelerated Reader Programme at KS3. Two of our pupils in particular read over five million words this year. Lewis Beckett  in 9C was our top reader with 5,777,516 words and David Kirkwood in 8E read 5,377,738 words.


The top 8 readers (reading more than 2 million words each) at KS3 also include:

Ewan James 8A    Hannah Morrison 8A   Jack Anderson 9C   Fern Kirkwood 8C    Erin Harte 8C     Neve Huxley 8L


Please check out the link below for reading recommendations over the summer months. Your local library will have these titles.