Josh’s Creative Resilience

By Ballyclare High School on 26 March, 2021

As a very different term ends for our school community, we wanted to share one Year 8 pupil’s very moving and hopeful poem. Josh Blair in 8B shares his observations. 


A Lockdown Mind

In there you’ll see a mass in masks,

But it’s not a party.

A room full of people in blue,

But it’s not a sports team.


A family, 2 metres apart,

But it’s not a game.

Trying to chat over video calls,

But they’re not far away.


People rushing to buy necessary items,

But they’re not going on holiday.

People staying indoors,

But it’s not winter.


People wiping everything down after someone enters

their house,

But the items aren’t dirty.

People singing softly to themselves in church,

But not because a baby is sleeping.


People standing in silence on buses,

But nothing bad happened.

Children walking right past an empty playpark,

But it’s not under repair.


But through each disguise, you can see people’s eyes,

And you see hope.