Gift of a second defibrillator

By Ballyclare High School on 2 May, 2023


They say lightening does not strike twice but we are very fortunate to be the exception to the rule here in school!

An Easter gift has arrived in the form of a donation of another defibrillator to school, from the Alvarez Smith family. This follows our Christmas miracle when the Hall family also donated a defibrillator.

Indeed, of further interest is that the Smith family have medical and nursing links to Professor Pantridge who ‘invented’ the portable defibrillator at the Royal Hospital Belfast. In 1965, he along with the help of John Geddes, a senior house officer, and technician Alfred Mawhinney, invented the world’s first portable defibrillator, using car batteries for the current. He installed it in an ambulance and the device was first used in January 1966.

Principal Dr Michelle Rainey said: “Ballyclare High would like to thank the Alvarez Smith family for their generous donation and one that could have such an impact on the community is really very kind indeed. The addition of the AED on our school premises makes the environment safer for pupils, staff, parents, and visitors”.