Digital SchoolHouse: Combining Fun with Learning

By Ballyclare High School on 12 October, 2023

Digital SchoolHouse: Combining Fun with Learning
October 12, 2023

Today marked an exciting milestone as Fairview Primary School partnered with the Ballyclare High School – OfficialDigital SchoolHouse programme for their first-ever technology-infused lesson. Pupils from the P6 class gathered in the school’s multimedia room to delve into the fascinating world of algorithms through a captivating combination of dance and coding.

Digital SchoolHouse is a pioneering program that aims to inspire and educate young students about the vast potential of digital technology in a fun and engaging way. By blending physical activity and digital coding, this innovative approach intends to make learning a thrilling adventure.

The session kicked off with an energetic dance routine led by the Mr Shaw. Pupils eagerly danced to the beat, mimicking the on-screen dance moves from the game. As the dancing continued, students soon realized that these routines were nothing more than a series of carefully choreographed steps, or, in computer science terms, “algorithms.”

The pupils were then introduced to Scratch, a beginner-friendly coding platform that empowers young learners to create their own programs. By using Scratch, the students were able to design their own simple dance routines in the virtual world. This hands-on experience demonstrated how the dance sequences they were mimicking earlier were, in fact, algorithms created by game developers.

A great time was had by all!

Mr Shaw