Congratulations to Former Colleague

By Ballyclare High School on 28 February, 2023


Former colleague Emma Hanna has written and self-published her own set of books aimed at promoting childrens’ wellbeing.

The set of books is called Everyone is Different and there are twelve books in this collection. They are aimed at 4–11-year-olds and each one highlights a different wellbeing topic, shyness, anxiety, friendship, worry, self-esteem, and bullying. The aim of the books is to normalise mental health issues and make it easier to start conversations. The books are colourful, easy to read and written in four-line rhyming stanzas.

Emma says, ‘As a mum and teacher, I feel really strongly about the wellbeing of children. The books are conversation starters, allowing parents and teachers to discuss mental health in a straightforward way.’

The books were illustrated by Connie Duncan, a pupil at the time and Emma loves how she brought the little characters to life.

Emma has added workbooks which help explore the issues raised in each book which help guide parents and staff through important discussion. The process of writing these books, getting them illustrated and self- published has been a major learning curve and taken time but such is Emma’s passion about childrens’ wellbeing she stuck to the task to achieve this, and she has not ruled out continuing this work.

Congratulations on all you have achieved.