Cardiac Risk in Young

By Ballyclare High School on 20 June, 2019


Ballyclare High continues to support the work of CRY and the attempts to have access to a screening programme for heart conditions for our pupils and children . Read more…….

Latest medical review does NOT recommend population screening for sudden cardiac death in the young. The National Screening Committee consultation document FAILS to demonstrate the impact young sudden cardiac deaths have on our society. It FAILS to stress that 1 in 300 people screened have a cardiac condition that can benefit from treatment or lifestyle advice.

CRY is urging MPs to establish a national strategy for the prevention of young sudden cardiac death to ensure the government acts to prevent the hundreds of deaths each year of young people from undiagnosed cardiac conditions.

Please write to your MP and urge them to sign the pledge to put this strategy in place

Please also write a personal response to the evidence team at the National Screening:

To read the full consultation document go to: