Bailie Microgrant Award

By Ballyclare High School on 14 November, 2023

Gareth Shaw - ICT Leader BAllyclare High school presents the Bailie Microgrant to the languages department

Gareth Shaw – ICT Leader BAllyclare High school presents the Bailie Microgrant to the languages department

In a commendable stride towards fostering technological innovation in education, Ballyclare High School proudly announces the recipient of this term’s Bailie Microgrant award. The Microgrant, designed to encourage pioneering uses of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and software in the classroom, was awarded to Mrs. Tchekmeian-Imam from the Languages Department.

Mrs. Tchekmeian-Imam’s exemplary application caught the attention of the ETSG committee, leading to her selection for the Microgrant. The focus of her proposal was to introduce cutting-edge software called “Language Gym” into the classroom, aimed at enhancing and modernising language learning for students. The “Language Gym” software is poised to revolutionize language education at Ballyclare High School, providing an interactive and engaging platform for students to learn modern languages. The software offers a dynamic and immersive learning experience, aligning with contemporary pedagogical approaches to make language acquisition a more enjoyable and effective process.

The Microgrant award reaffirms Ballyclare High School’s commitment to staying at the forefront of educational technology, recognising the pivotal role that ICT and software play in shaping the learning landscape. By supporting initiatives like Mrs. Tchekmeian-Imam’s, the school aims to empower educators and inspire students to embrace the ever-evolving digital tools available for academic enrichment. The Languages Department is enthusiastic about the positive impact that “Language Gym” will have on students’ language proficiency and fluency. Mrs. Tchekmeian-Imam expressed her gratitude for the Microgrant, emphasizing the potential of the software to transform language learning into an exciting and interactive journey.

As Ballyclare High School continues to invest in technological advancements for the betterment of education, the Microgrant program stands as a beacon, recognizing and promoting innovation in the integration of ICT and software in the classroom. The entire school community eagerly anticipates the positive outcomes and enhanced learning experiences that will result from Mrs. Tchekmeian-Imam’s forward-thinking initiative.


Mr Shaw