Useful Careers Websites

Website What it’s useful for·       Contact a careers adviser.

·       Career ideas for 14-19 year olds

·       Work experience opportunities.

·       Career planning advice

·       Job application advice.

·       Education & training courses.

·       Careers events.

·       Tips for parents.


Higher Ideas : plan your journey into higher education

(login : rbdkma38)

·       Ideas generator

·       Info on different career & study areas

·       Pathways from your A level subjects

·       Courses & Higher Education Institutions

·       Factsheets



Use  universities and colleges in ROI)

·       Search for Higher Education courses.

·       Choosing what to study.

·       Choosing where to study.

·       How to apply.

·       Student finance & money management

·       Alternatives to Higher Education

·       Apprenticeships

·       Options after GCSE.

·       Web chats – experts answer questions

·       Advice for parents.

Degree Course Offers

(Access code : OGXVPLMU invalid code – check·       Compare university courses using key information sets.·       example of how to search university courses & entry requirements

·       pdf ; ‘how we choose our students’

Password : kangaroo

·       Resources directory

·       Labour market information


“Skills in Demand” NI Skills Barometer

·       Employment areas which are over-and under-supplied 2015-2025.

·       Qualifications required 2015-25

·       Salaries 2015-2025·       Pathways from degree subjects

·       What do graduates do?·       Great info on all aspects of careers·       Graduate vacancies & salaries in UK’s leading employers


·       How to apply to universities in ROI & outside the British Isles.