E-Safety for Pupils

eSafety is all about keeping you safe online, and we want to encourage you to make the right choices when using technology. The social web opens up many opportunities for you, but equally exposes you to risks that you would not necessarily encounter in the real world.


The Prezi below, created by our Digital Leaders, will guide you through privacy and security settings for some of the most popular apps.



Remember – think SMART!

S – Safety settings should be set to protect your content from people you don’t know.

M – Meeting people that you’ve met online is risky. Always tell an adult you trust.

A – Appropriate use of technology…you can find your Acceptable Use Agreement in your planner.

R – Respect others and use technology responsibly.

T – TELL an adult you trust if anything you have seen online has upset you or made you feel uncomfortable.


If you have any questions about staying safe online, please speak to Mrs Hill, our e-Safety Coordinator. Remember – if you ever feel threatened or scared as a result of something you have seen, read or watched online; tell an adult that you trust! You can also report an incident directly to Mrs Hill using StepUP.